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Mapt is more than just a college planning tool—it's your compass in the vast landscape of higher education.
Here's a glimpse of what sets us apart:

Explore tailored college lists. Parents get timely insights, aiding financial and application steps.
Engage with our smart assistant. Access guidance anytime, anywhere, ensuring the right track.
Navigate college applications with ease. From exploration to decision, every step is precise.
Dive into insights: from essays to financial aid. Equip students and parents for the journey.
Setting the Stage for Academic Aspirations
Empower your college journey with tools crafted to ensure your success.
Equip yourself with tools and insights for the journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app available for parents and students?

Yes, we are a mobile app suite for parents and students. When you signup, you can invite a family member to link accounts and start planning for college together. Data is shared between accounts with the student’s best interest in mind.

How much does it cost?

We provide college planning to families for $14.99 / month or $125.99 / year. Private college admissions advisors charge families $200 per hour or $3,000 per package.

My child is a freshman in high school, is Mapt for me?

Definitely, the sooner your family starts planning for college the better. Mapt offers families a guided college roadmap as early as 9th grade.

My child is interested in something different than a 4-year college, is Mapt right for us?

Yes, we take all post-secondary options very seriously. A large part of our in-app content focuses on trade schools, apprenticeships, 2-year colleges, and gap years.

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Great! 😄
My high-school counselor recommended downloading the app, which is probably the best app there is.
Azru (Via the App Store)
Game Changing
“This app was so great for helping me find the right college. It saved me from making some pretty important mistakes!”
Lemis (Via the App Store)
Great App
This has been so useful for my nephews to use! I’m so thankful it exists! What a great app!
Troy (Via the App Store)
It was amazing!
“The price is affordable especially conconsidering the amount of work and time that you recieve”
Jason (Via the App Store)
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